Free books

Hi, I'm cleaning out and have some books for free.
I also have some I want a small price for but haven't sorted them yet.
I also have old magazines if anyone is interested.

The free ones are- most of them are giveaways at seminars.

Want someone to take all of them.
I have 2 bundles. Just state which bundle you want.
Post below then PM me for pickup. Hills area- Sydney.

Bundle 1
The effortless Empire- Chris Gray
Think and Grow rich
Think and Grow Rich Property + couple of DVD's
Real Estate Mistakes- Neil Jenman
From 0 to 260+ properties in 7 years (mini book) Acres of Diamonds (mini book)
DVD- Profit from Property- Positive Real Estate.
DVD- Unlocks the secrets to successful property investing- Property secrets.

bundle 2
Think and Grow rich
Think and Grow Rich Property + couple of DVD's
How to take control of your divorce- Dominique Grubisa
Real Estate Mistakes- Neil Jenman
DVD Property Investing- Your questions answered from Investor Finance
DVD set -Fast Track- How to fast track your success by investing in positive cashflow property (it's old).
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Hey travelbug,
I would be interested in first bundle please! Thank you
I'll pm you regarding details for pick up!

Thank you travelbug, your hospitality and generosity is much appreciated :)

You have already inspired my mum who's started reading the books and listening to the DVDs you gave me!