FREE Property Workshop again - Melbourne

From: Khurram Saeed

Hi Guys and Gals
All 5 tickets were gone that same day...some people are really focused and driven...some cancelled appointments and made it to the workshop...and they really enjoyed it.

There is another one coming up this coming Wednesday on the 18th of September, same place. Once again I have 5 tickets...

They tickets are valued at $45 and the one-on-one consultation that goes with it is worth $250...only people who are extremley serious about making lots of money only email me...i dont want to waste the tickets that i have paid money for on ppl who are lazy and are not going to do anything with the information.

You will learn extremely useful information that you will be able to use as soon as you leave the is a must for those who are wanting to make lots of money!!

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From: Mark Laszczuk

You're unbelieveable, mate. In the original post, you had only two tickets. Now, it suddenly becomes five. You reckon you're like Jesus with his loaves and fishes or what? Then you seriously expect anyone to believe you actually PAID for the tickets out of your own pocket? Mate, you have caught the scammer bug for your buddy Henry Kaye and are now trying to infect this forum with it.

'no hat, some cattle'
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From: Glenn Mott

Where are the Netiquitte police when you need them?...This shiester is
hoarding sheep to tall cliffs through a forum he knows is for investing
information, not for the sale of Snake Oil

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From: Anonymous

Jee that was close, I thought we weren't going to be saved by the resident gate keeper & cattle rustler in time !!

Richie Rich
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From: D R

Who are you promoting Khurram ?

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From: The Husband

Come on guys. There is nothing wrong with going along to a free Henry Kaye talk (if that is what it is). I have gotten a lot out of those 4 hr talks and it didn't cost me a cent. I didn't join up tho!

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