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From: Matthew Campbell

The headline in the "DOMAIN" section of SMH 21st July reads

"how to sell your property at it's fair market value in 28 days (guaranteed*) with No public inspections, NO auction and NO marketing expenses!"
Sellers save up to $12000 off normal costs etc..

Freeman Fox DO charge a 2.5% agents commission which is posted in the ad..

Basically, Freeman Fox are going to take all their graduates around to the properties as "prequalified" buyers in groups of 20 or 30...

Is it a win-win-win (seller/freeman/graduate)situation or is someone the loser?

It's creative nevertheless..I'm sure many of you have already seen it..

Anyway...I'd love to hear peoples comments


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From: The Wife

Why Matthew?

Are you considering doing something similar?

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Jacque Parker

As a Spann graduate (well the wife of one, anyway- I've read all the material and had mini seminars from my husband!) I have an answer here. My thoughts are that he's doing this to provide an easier way for all those graduates who don't have the time to do the legwork themselves. The only trouble I see is that if 20-30 parties are all looking at the same property with the same aim in mind (renovate for increased equity) then how will any of them score a bargain? Personally, I'd rather do the hard yards myself and not have so much competition. That won't stop me from looking at his properties either (curiosity!) but I'm not convinced that's it's a win-win situation from a buyer's point of view. Good luck to him, though. You've got to admire the man for his business sense!! Cheers :) Jacque
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