Full Reno 5 unit Block - south side Brisbane

Recommend for a Full Reno ? 5 Unit Block Bris Sth Side

I'm looking for some recommendations for a builder that can do a complete Reno

It's a older style wooden block so easy to work on its up on stumps so plumbing is a breeze too.

I will need X 5

new bathrooms, basic all tile floor and walls, no bath just a good sized shower,
Exhaust fans etc fitted
New porcelain toilets,
New vanities - bunnings style ready to go.
New kitchen , basic straight line (bunnings style)

Floors done, either polish the timber boards or suggest ? (easier on maintenance)

New inside paint - Neutral colors
New outside paint - hogs bristle dulux type color with white or off white trim

Plumbing for all jobs

New light fittings and switches (wiring should be fine)

New fence across the front

Looking to install a double sliding door to one unit to create an outdoor courtyard to add value.

Needs some restumping too so that might be prior to all of this.

Units are 3 x 1 bedroom and 2 x 2 bedroom

It's a good job for the right team.

It's. Rental so it needs to be good at an affordable price.

PM me if your interested, starts early in 2012. Or blog here if you can recommend someone in Brisbane.

Thanks in advance
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What suburb in Bris and what month you looking at starting? Are you looking at doing all at once or one at a time? Depends on when I may look at it.


Jan - Early Feb 2012

I suppose I want to see what saving could be achieved doing it all at once vs one by one - if its big then yes yes yes

also depends on the total price vs one by one .. if its out of scope then i need to go one at a time or trim back on the reno

I guess thats why i need a quote ...

maybe i need to scope it out further and drop it on service central ? or service seeking ?