Ok so out on my journeys insepecting a reno i have been conducting.

I keep driving past this unit, and I had a new camera the other day in my car so stpped and took pics.

Its a Unit, in a somewhat interesting suburb of sydney. The occupier has obviously got storage issues. It has a large balcony to this unit, and they have put a tent up on the balcony. No JOKE!

Check it out, i found it very very entertaining as a dual occ, i have seen tenants put matteresses on balconies, however never seen a full tent set up.

This wasnt like an overnight stay, its been there for about 5 months now :)
I had at least 3 neighbours set up tents in their front yards over Christmas.
But they've gone now.....and there was an acre of manicured landscaping around each tent......

Suppose there's a world of diff between choosing to sleep in a tent, and having to sleep in a tent.