Funny inspection today

I've had the house for rent for about a month with very few responses - people are discounting it by area or by the neighbours and not even looking at the house, which is, according to the agent, the second nicest house in the town (its very nice anyway). Which is unfortunate, most people expect a run down hovel of extremely low standards for the price in the area so when people actually look it really surprises them to find that such a cheap house with nothing wrong with it exists at all.

I had a group through today - an older, out of town couple. They went through it practically squealing with delight at every room (which isn't an unusual response, actually) and just for a change had a local with them who was positive about the area, said the price was good, and they'd talked to my offending neighbour while waiting for me (they were very early) - who is perfectly nice if you're not on the wrong side of a drug deal with him. They smoke, they have dogs, but hey, I really don't want this house empty. They asked what the sale price was as well as the per week rent.

The funny bit was the guy they had with them - he was practically wearing women's clothes and jewellery, bleached blonde hair, the works. Happy positive chap though - much better than that guy in Little Britain :)
How did you go Rumpled Elf?

Do you think its worth it taking on these guys?

Its sounds like you would have to make some strong boundaries re
No smoking in the house (not sure how u police it?)
no dogs in the house.
They're in, and will probably smoke in the house and have dogs in the house.

Whaddayado? Hold out for 6-12 months for perfect tenants? It won't happen.