Furnished or unfurnished?

From: Lisa Southgate

Hi! I'm writing a magazine article on whether or not property owners should rent their properties furnished or unfurnished. What are the rules, risks, benefits, perks (eg, depreciation)? What are your experiences? Please reply to this post or email me directly at acapellawriting@hotmail.com.

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From: Yuch .

Hi Lisa,

This topic has been discussed numerous times in the past, I would strongly suggest you do a search in the archive.

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From: Sergey Golovin

Last one was just about week or two ago.

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From: Lisa Southgate

Yes I've done a search in the archives, and there is a lot of very good stuff there, but what I need is more contact with people so that they can expand (if they want) on certain points, and so I can ask more questions. Can anyone help? If so, drop me a line,
Regards, Lisa.
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