Gallery by user?

I was trying to find a way to find all gallery posts for a particular user (not me). I couldn't find it.

Have I missed something simple? (It wouldn't be the first time).
Go to "Gallery" and then click "Search" and type the user name in the "by user" search search and presto....

Hope this helps...:)


There's no easy way to do it (although Thorpey's suggestion of Search is pretty good).

You can also do it by finding a post by that user in the gallery, clicking on their username to view their profile, then clicking on "Photos" to see a list of all their photos.

I am considering doing a more complete integration between the forums and the gallery like I did over on ZooChat - it seems to work really well there with nearly 80,000 photos from zoos around the world! Only problem is that it takes a lot of effort to set up, so I need to find the time first - but I think it will be worthwhile once it is done.