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Hi peeps,

Well it is 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and I am in a silly mood. i've been bogged down in due diligence investment property 'work' for much of the day, so I felt like a 'reprieve' away from that.

So.. This thread is 100% silly and serves for sh*ts and gigs only... Read on only if you are in the mood for some silliness and seeing how one Somersofter thinks Australian residential property investing mirrors the very antics of Westeros, the world in which Game of Thrones takes place... :)

I've been watching a lot of Game of Thrones lately in the lead up to S5 airing soon. I'm an addict both to the series and the books too. I love the concept of the seven distinctive and very different kingdoms all vieing for power.

Anyways, I couldn't help but liken us; the investor community in Australian property; to the players in the series and their power-plays over and across the seven kingdoms at any given time. In fact, there is a big linkage between the two!

What's the linkage? Pretty obvious I reckon! Here goes...

The capital cities and major regional towns around Australia, being fixed unmoveable locations, are similar to the main kingdoms in Westeros; in that they each have their different climates, economies, industries etc. Some are heavily populated, opulent, and affluent (like Kings Landing/Sydney), others are sitting hidden away in far corners, offering their own little assets to the realm (the Dragonstone/Darwin). The list goes on, really.

So we have these fixed locations, each with their own drivers and detractors, operating in isolation. But then, we have the players fighting for maximum power across the realm, sitting on the sidelines secretly plotting the right time to 'strike' on those kingdoms. See where I'm going with this? We on Somersoft are the players in the game, and we are sitting on the sidelines on any given kingdom, waiting for the right time to strike (yep, waiting on the right time in the property clock, of course!!).

So I thought I'd have a little fun and make a list of all the GoT kingdoms, and what I think to be their AU city/town equivalent. This will really test our GoT AND property clock knowledge!

The 7 kngdoms (Somersoft cities, in my mind anyway) are:

- King's Landing / Casterly Rock (House: Lannister). This one is SYDNEY for sure. It holds the most power, largest population, and the most diverse elements all operating in tandem any given moment...

- Winterfell / The North (House: Stark). This is BRISBANE. Hugely affected by the elements (weather!); is also in the north, and is the gateway to 'beyond the wall' (I.e. our gateway to Asia).

- Mereen / Yunkai / Astapoor (House: Targaryen). This is PERTH. It has its dragons which are all powerful, but only so, if they can be controlled (which they can't). Same goes for WA's mining industry!! Far flung and far away from the rest of the kingdoms, but it is very well known (just like Perth).

- Highgarden / Old Town (House: Tyrell). This is MELBOURNE. Both are cultured, highly populated, coastal, and very very ambitious/aspirational. Considered the 'true cultural capital' of Westeros.

- Dorne / Sunspear (House: Martell). This is ADELAIDE. Hot, dry, seaside climate. Fine wine, fiery inhabitants. Dorne moves to its own beat, has its own rules and laws, and respects family ties first.

- The Iron Isles / Pyke (House: Greyjoy). This is HOBART. Reclusive, protected by sea to all sides, and harsh climates. Pyke is tough and resilient even in the face of adversity. Their actions aren't always good; even if their intentions are. Just like Jacqui Lambie hahha!

- Dragonstone (House: Baratheon). This is DARWIN . Small, dark, mysterious, and far flung; Dragonstone has its own beliefs, community, and ties to another world/religion (Kinda like Darwin with the indigenous religions being different to the greater mainstream ones; and the city being so close to another world - Indonesia)

- Riverrun / The Twins (House: Tully). This is CANBERRA. Inland, rivers and lakes a-plenty, and central to all the main kingdoms of Westeros (just like Canberra to Syd/Mel etc. Tully's value family, stoicism, and stability.

If anyone is keen to go with me on this thread 'adventure', I'd love to hear your thoughts and clever commentary haha ;)

In particular, keen to hear which 'House' in Game of Somersofts you currently are swearing your (investment) alligance to, and why :)
So where is beyond the wall .. ? New Zealand

And who's who ?

There was a web site where you could determine high character you .


White Walkers...They're Coming
Aight, I'll give it a crack !

People worship the old gods (capital growth) and the new (cash flow).

We have the Iron Bank (RBA).

"The Others take them" - overseas investors taking opportunities?

Men of the watch: The various somersoft veterans who spend their time to mentor the rest of us.

Wildlings: those who don't invest in property :D
Wildlings: those who don't invest in property :D

I'd put most of the wildings into the newbies wanting to break into the market .

Those who don't believe in property investing ... Mmm they're the Giants in the wildings .... Stomping around ... Making lots of noise ..... Eventually get shot down .

Tenants ... Well .... They're the same everywhere