gas fire - kill, replace or keep

Hi. I'm getting mixed advice from people about the gas fire in the attachment. I think it's an eyesore but I have no feel for design. The property is an ex Housing Trust home in Hackham West SA so it's not a property that would interest the hip and trendy. I'm estimating the property could get about $220k as it is and only about $240 if I was to spend around $10k. I'm concerned that the fire would put people off (it's in the lounge room) but a couple of friends who think they know a lot, think it would be an asset. And.. yes, I know the carpet has to go as well :)

Any ideas?


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It really is an eyesore but with the potential rental figures you gave - just leave it. I wouldn't bother renovating to get $20 p.w.
Thanks for the input everyone. I think the fire will stay (and perhaps the carpet) and I'll save some money.

I tend to over-think things sometimes :)