Gas for Hot Water

From: Owen .

Another one for all the landlords out there.

I'm about to lease an apartment that has only uses gas for the hot water service. There are no other appliances that use it and I only found out that the hot water was gas by accident!!! As a landlord I have to supply water to my tenants. Does this mean hot water too? Should I be paying the gas bill in this case or is it up to the tenants?

My thoughts are that as the water usage is payable by the tenants (I only have to ensure supply), then the gas bill for hot water is also payable by the tenants.

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From: Jacque Parker

Owen, In clause 5.2 of the residential tenancy agreement (NSW) it states that, yes, tenants are responsible for gas bills. However, in clause 4.4 it states that the landlord is responsible for the cost of installing any meters to measure the supply of water, electricity or gas. This would already be done in most existing buildings anyway.
BTW, you can buy the tenants pack from any local newsagency for about $6- it includes all the paperwork you need to rent out a property- lease, bond lodgement form, condition report etc. Good luck! Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Terry Avery

User pay says it all.
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