Gates and Fences

What do people think of the value added by various fence styles and gates?

RE has suggested that a good gate in keeping with the property will add value for sale. (It would be across the common property driveway to the property at the rear - battleaxe subdivision).

Has anyone done this - legal probs, approaches, fencing companies etc?
Styles of fencing are a zero value add IMO. So long as the property has a fence and is in reasonable condition, that's all anyone cares about.

Putting a gate up on a common driveway is a PITA for people that have to get out & open it - forget about it.
Depending on the fence its pretty cheap, if its a subdivided block then it could be a good idea.

The other one is front fences, a front fence can certifiably add value depending on the area
Suggestion was basically to enhance appearance of the property for potential buyers - I thought what a pain to open and close but this agent seems to know what buyers want and what it's worth spending money on. Mind you he is a male REA and so may not be seeing from the main decision maker point of view!

Considering what a pain it's been dealing with the rear dwellng's attitude to parking on the common property a little inconvenience is entirely secondary to my considerations.