Geelong and the motor industry

I wanted to ask if anyone has an opinion on how dependant the Geelong area is on the motor manufacturing industry?

If Ford scaled back or ceased operations in the area, what percentage of the population may be affected? Consider of course that there is also likely to be a number of component manufacturers in the area that would also suffer.
There is no denying that Ford are a large employer in that City, but it is still a city in its own right, and many people commute from there to Melb and other areas for work these days.

I wouldn't be too worried.

Just don't invest in the area near the Ford works as many of their employees would live nearby I'd say - especially the blue collar sector.

The upper management and execs won't live nearby of course.

I'd be looking at emerging suburbs with signs of good infrastructure developing near or within them.
I asked pretty much the same question of a co-worker who has lived in Geelong for some time and commutes to Melbourne.

As well as Ford there is Alcoa and Shell. Add to that mix Deakin uni (2 campuses ?), Target admin, CSIRO . Check out,_Victoria#Economy

Plenty of people doing the same as he is, commuting to Melbourne.

Asked him about some specific areas, response in regards to Whittington was that it was crap and will always be crap, likely to resist gentrification short to mid term. Long term get your crystal ball out (not trolling here, just repeating what he, a long time Geelong resident told me). Good areas were East South and West Geelong, Herne Hill (land being snapped up here on what used to be the old cement works ?), Manifold Heights, Newtown and south down toward the river. Belmont is going ahead and between Belmont and Grovedale is picking up due the the ring road. Most of this stuff has been covered in other threads already, try the search function.

Wokka (amateur)
If Ford completely abandoned Geelong it would absolutely gut the local economy. More than 2000 direct employees in a town with about 80,000 jobs. Doesn't sound like a lot but remember that a lot of those ford jobs pay pretty decent money and it brings money into the town (unlike retail, healthcare, etc.. that recycle money within the town). Ford is probably 2000 of say 10,000 jobs that bring money into geelong from other areas.

However I think ford has too much invested in Geelong, too much R&D capacity, etc...

Alcoa at Point Henry is actually more likely to close if CPRS legislation passes without massive support for Aluminium smelting.
Layoffs at the Ford plant in the past have hurt the Geelong economy and it is a major contributor to the community. Geelong has always bounced back however and has a lot going for it in its own right.

You could probably find similar industries in Ballarat or Bendigo, but all of these cities are large enough to have extensive economic diversity.
I agree with a lot of Wokka1's info regarding suburbs.

Other major employers are Gordon TAFE and TAC.

A Ford closure, or significant layoff would hurt, but I expect Geelong would also bounce back. Strong tourism push, as well, which brings money in from other regions.