Geoff Doidge and Paul Eslick Show...

From: Alan Hill

Just got home from work and caught the end of a rather heart warming story on the box about Geoff, Paul and some great people up Brisbane way.

The story basically involved a very sick, but brave little girl who had a house built for her by the above guys and a number of other people donating their time.

Well done guys!

It's great to see some of the enormous knowledge that exists in these 'cyber-walls' being used for such a good cause......

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From: Michael G


I havent seen the show (taping it while at work), but I believe the same house is featured in this month's API (Australia Property Investor) Magazine.

Michael G
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From: Geoff Whitfield

I saw the show, and it looked good.

It didn't go into any detail about how the reno was done- a pity for Paul Eslick and Geoff Doidge I guess. That was of interest.

I have my own personal crisis about this. My 11 yo daughter was asking me a question about relationships with her sister just as the segment was beginning. The show won, and I have some mending to do.
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From: Les .

G'day Geoff,

Ain't it great that kids are so resilient, as long as they know they are loved ....



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Geoff Whitfield

G'day Les,

Sorry not to have seen you at TW's BBQ in Canberra.

The kids are resilient. And the mending has been done.

Now the mending with my wife for being on the forum instead of with her ;-)
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