Getting a loan

Recently I accepted a redundacy package and have not been working for the last 3 months ( and luving it)
Currently 2 invest prop positively geared and well as principal residence (fully paid) My question is , and I think I know the answer already. Would any mortgage provider provide finance if I dont have a job and an income stream Or do I have to go out to work again before looking for a further investment property.

With enough equity, which it sounds like you have, getting a low-doc or n-doc loan should not be a problem. An independent finance broker should be able to help you.


You sure can get a loan. Have you heard of low doc loans. They are for self employed etc who can't verify their income. You can get upto 80% of the value of your property. Rates may be slightly higher, but Suncorp have a low doc policy on their loans at normal rates.

So what you could do is get a LOC on your home which is fully paid off. You can then use the 20% deposits from thsi account for your new loans. If done carefully using positively geared property, you could potentially go on borrowing forever.

Good Luck


I have moved this thread to the finance forum so that it may attract the interest of the financially literate!

asy :D
Thanks fellow members. I had never thought of a lo doc but then I dont know much about them.

I will investigate these avenues
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An ABN thats one day old should get you LVRs of 65 % at somewhat normal rates.

An LVR above that will see a hefty premium on rate.