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Hi all,
My name is Leanne and have just recently joined up. Its a fabulous site, my husband and i are currently paying off our home in Perth and want to get an ip. We had a financial advisor come and every one has warned us against going down this road. As this is a new thing for both my husband and i we want to make sure we are going to do it the right way.
We are thinking to start with maybe spending $350 thousand, and not a hundred percent sure where except maybe a town house near transport/ shops etc, thats as far as we have got. The advisor did mention about having firewalls between loans, is this the correct procedure? as you can tell we are new to this, well and truely. Any advise/ help would be greatly appreciated.
many thanks, Leanne
Hi Leanne


Do lots of reading on this site and dig itno some good books on real estate investing so u get a better understanding of the financing, the numbers and drivers.

generally people warn u off things because they want to protect you. Not unusual for people that have their own inexperiences or fears with such things, hence you need to get some of your own information and get around people that have done such tjhings

Welcome leanne,

The process can be pretty daunting to start with but take a few steps at a time and don't get bogged down with information overload.

AS Rolf says, you'll find SS is a wealth of information. Noone can tell you what area or what to buy and most of us have our personal preferences and experiences.

You need to start with an area that you are comfortable with and do your own research. Townhouses are great but don't forget to factor Body Corporate Fees into your figures.

Regards JO