Gladstone Townhouse Development

Hi All,

I have a parcel of land in Gladstone qld that i have a approved DA for plus building plans complete and engineered.

I am deciding weather to start developing thus getting into high debt level or to hold a little more until i am confident the demand is there.

My question is, is anyone out there looking for investments in Gladstone or thought's on the subject ???

I guess i am just testing the market as I'm a little hesitant.
From personal experience I'd suggest to lay low for alittle while. Atleast till your sure the influx of workers will arrive and the companies will start to pay the massive rental prices they we're 2 years back. Giving investors the want to buy back in.

Just looking at the quantity of properties for rent/sale in the region at the moment if you can get the proerty neutral or postive, I'd let it sit for a little while.