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From: Jack Moro

Hi Anna good to hear you smiling

I enjoyed you talk at the Investment institute so much I wonder if you would not mind sharing a brief biography of your I.P history with us.

I have read about you Northcote adventure but would like to read how it all began and evolved to what you have now. I understand you no longer have to work at the bank.

I would also obviously appreciate the same insight into other peoples biography on this forum.

MMMMMMM sounds like a book I have read.

But to have I.P story's told by people whom we can discuss there history with over this forum would be a great learning tool

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From: GoAnna !

Hi Jack

My story is not very special and I would not regard my achievements so far as a "success" however I am happy to explain my journey.

1989 I was a bank teller on $18, 000 with an old car and $1000 in the bank. I bought (with my boyfriend) a 2 br flat in Richmond and paid for the deposit by selling my car. The flat was part of a deceased estate and so i bought it relatively cheaply and gave it a cheap face lift. It has now more than doubled in value and apart from one week that i repainted it has never been vacant.

After 2 years we bought the Northcote house as described in another posting.

We then went to sleep. Has no idea that we needed to do anything more. No-one around us to encourage us. Actually quite the opposite. Friends and financial advisers telling us to sell.

Went to seminar in 1998 which gave me the information to move forward. Bought third property within weeks. Bought another last year.

Overall my properties are cash flow positive and give me thousands of dollars each year. My next challenge is to take property to the next level. After spending many months on this forum, reading books, attending the institute property course, I now feel ready to make property my business. So watch this space.

In summary i would describe myself as buy and hold (blue ribbon growth properties) with some reno and self managing properties. But my strategy is changing and I realise that by walking one path alone I am missing out on so many opportunities.

Jack, hope this answered you question.

What is your current situation?

GoAnna !
(aka Anna before she got real)
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