Good Accountant in North Eastern Melbourne

Please recommend a good Accountant with experience in serious Residential Property Investment. Who have you used with good results?

Their approach should be clever, efficient and free of hype. They should have a Residential Property Portfolio of their own.

There is an existing thread but the number of recommendations is limited. Please extend. I'd be interested in a few more names.

...........What does me coming from West Coast to East coast suggest:confused:

You are clocking up business km for your log book :p :D

Sorry Rick, I had too ;)

I can also vouch for James.

Tim123, as part of your diligence, do not take our word for it, but ring James and interview him for the job of superintending your accountancy affairs.

Before you do that however, why not read some of his posts and make your mind up as to the knowledge and depth of investing wisdom he has. He is a thinker and one who can operate out of the box.

If you just want someone to mundanely crunch numbers, maybe he will be unsuitable for your affairs.

As for window dressing...........he is one of the most humble people I know.

Good luck :)
good on you for trying to find the best accountant.

I will make a general comment, the more pushy you are, the less service and advice you will get, i have personally found that clients who push to far tend to move accountants quite a bit and the ethical letters are interesting to read.