Good Accountant in Perth?

Hi Guys,

Getting into IP's and my accountant doesn't seem as familiar with some concepts than i would like - also doesn't invest in property.

Anyone able to recommend someone in Perth that i should talk to?
Accountant that is a property investor. (over 20 properties)
Been with him for 3 years, understands trust, family trusts.
Has structured my portfolio but just starting out onto my 3rd property.
Cost is more than a shopping center accountant but the advice that I have got seems worth the extra $$
Rixter how do you know Lew ??
Or any other accountant in Perth ??

By various means (personally, recommendation of others, business associate, indirectly, thats why I'm asking how well you know him? What's his experience/speciality/forte, that sets him ahead of others?.
David Aylmore
Aylmore and Assc.
Suite 5 / 17 Foley St Balcatta.

another link recommending this accountant

I am going to make an appointment to see him but what happens if he is too busy to see me or he hands me over to another accountant in his office. What are the other accountants in his firm like? Are they knowledgable in property investing?

What are their fees like? Are they reasonable for what you get?


My property settles in early December. When do I need to start seeing the accountant. ASAP ?