Good Accounting Text Book

Please recommend a good Accounting Text Book. I want to learn the fundamentals plus some of the advanced property related topics without enroling in a course.

I'd like to avoid the hype and bias from the self help section of the book store (although I have read these too and found them very interesting).
Most accounting text books don't have much to with the property investing. You don't need double entry book keeping for IPs.

How about the more technical ones like this?

I haven't read it, but it seems like the sort of 'the facts, and just the facts' sort of thing instead of 'you too can be a millionaire' type books.

For 'advanced' topics, you probably want some book specifically about trusts.
Tim123, whilst not a text book per se, if you haven't read this one well worth your time reading; I found it very useful:

"Saving Tax on Your Investment Property" by Noel Whittaker and Julia Hartman.