Good insulation in Sydney

Hi Folks,

Can I get a recommendation on a good insulation company (we're using the rebate) in Sydney?

Although the price is set, we want something that insulates well and is not a hazard with the wiring.


Was about to say that tess

We have a written quote and are waiting for install so should still get the full amount $1600.

If you already have a quote i suggest using that company as they will be able to do the full amount.

we have been waiting for delivery of our insulation before install.

We got a call yesterday with the installer wanting to come out and do it. but still waiting on BATS :(

Bit worried as we are off to canberra on Friday afternoon
ours was done last friday and there are still 7 full bags in my back yard, I checked inside the roof and it looks like the whole things was done. Not quite sure what to do about this, my consciounce says call them to collect it but my pocket says sell it on ebay
Give it to me if you're in Sydney :)

Yeah I tried to line up a quote but the installers are all soooo slow in getting out to quote so I missed out. I will have to pay the $400 difference now.

I found a builder to do it, so will put in some whirly ventilation at the same time.