good Mortgage Broker in Adelaide?

Hi everyone, been reading this forum for sometime but first time posting a question.

Need help from all you intelligent investors here, can anyone introduce me a good broker in adelaide?

Did a search on forum, the last time was in 2007, so i thought the info might be outdated.

Thank you.

Wendy Higgins at Mortgage Choice in Glenelg comes highly recommended. She's a big time investor herself, so she walks the walk.
However, there's no reason your broker needs to be in your hometown. Mine is in Melbourne. All the work is done via email, phone and fax.
Also, there are some great and very savvy brokers here on the forum. Rolf Latham, for one. There are many others, too.
Thank you Rob. I will and have pm Rolf. Thanks for the reply.

For a while i thought i have annoyed ppl with this sort of qn. :)