Good Painter in Sydney?

From: Michael G


I'm looking for a good/cheap painter to repaint my townhouse in Quakers Hill.

3bed/2ba/2 story townhouse.

If you can recommend someone, could you indicate the cost and size of the work they did. Thanks.

Michael G
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From: Jeremy Laws

Whats wrong with Yuch MG? You could make money on the deal! A cute french maids outfit, a ladder, paintbrush and guys paying $5.00 for 15 minutes to watch - you'd do very well!

Ring a local real estate agent - one you like! and ask them for a reputable painter. They _probably_ wouldn't have the same suggestion, though I doubt they would have anything against Yuch.
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From: Splinter Wood

Got any buddies in the country ?

I used a country fellow who charged me 50% less than the Sydney quote from 'good' painters - even with the accommodation for 1 nite at a plush hotel !

Too much work going on in Sydney - hard to get a decent job done for a reasonable price.
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