Good Perth contacts for between tenants


Can anyone give me any good names for the people required between tenants in Perth. Probably most useful if they're are based north of Perth. We evicted our tenants today and have a foul mess to clean up. I am looking this time specifically for:

  • Cleaners (never used them before, but am now heavily pregnant and it'll take me so long to clean the place we'll waste more money on rent than the cost of cleaners)
  • Carpet cleaner (had real problems in December 2008 with trying to get one to pitch up)
  • Plumber (the kitchen tap has been bent out of action and has water POURING out of it - been like that for weeks the tenant said, although we sent a plumber around 1 week ago to fix toilet. They 'forgot' to tell the plumber about kitchen tap)
  • Glass replacer (window is broken from their beer bottle throwing fights)
  • Somebody to place flyscreen frames and flyscreen door handles?

Anyone know how to remove graffiti?

I employ a PM to organise all that kind of stuff. No hassles for me & frees up my time to enjoy it how I like. :)
Can't help with tradies but to remove graffiti use the old and trusted areogard.;)
Yes it actually works and we put this on our skin:eek:


I would recommend letting your fingers doing the walking, if you're satisfied with the service, keep their numbers just in case.

It's probably better to find people local to your area anyway as they won't sting you on travel costs.
We have used cleaners twice after tenants, and found that the easiest way was to call local agents property management department and ask for the cleaners they use.
I haven't heard of this method for graffiti removal but aeroguard comes in spray and cream. Yes it's bug spray, definitely not recommended for deodorant :eek: :D :p

Let us know if it works!:)
Let us know if it works!

I have tried the grafitti remover from bunnings but required several applications and a lot of scrubbing along with a pressure washer to remove some spray paint.

Areogard the mozzie spray I tried at work when I heared about it, and it dissolved old spray paint from a steel cupboard. You might need a brush when on brickwork etc and wash off with some water.