Good rental for sale in Strathmore - VIC

Hi guys,

Our place is on the market and coming up for first open this weekend.

Has been a good home to us for the last 3 years, and is a great entry townhouse in one of the premium suburbs of Melbourne's north.

Love the house and it has been built to a really good standard as you can see from the photos. We are only moving to get into a family house with a large back-yard.

Reason for posting here is that I think either a young couple or investor will be the buyer. Property is just off the off-ramp for the freeway which visually puts people off and lowers the price. Same property 1 street back would be 10-15% more. The freeway is in a little gully so is a quite a bit lower than the level the house is on - means that you hear a lot less of the traffic than you think. Can't hear it inside at all.

Any questions hit me up.