Good solicitor in Western Australia

Not a solicitor but a settlement agent - Rita La Bianca at Capital Charter Settlements has always provided good service for us.
Glenn McMillan
Spirit Settlements
P O Box 1666
Canning Vale WA 6970
Ph: (08) 9456 3396
Fax: (08) 9456 3387

Glenn did 4 settlements for me, A+++++ and helping nature.
If I owe the bank $5,000 I'm in trouble, if I owe the bank $5,000,000 they are in trouble. Sadly, I can't buy much property for $5,000.......

.....and sadly, the bank won't give you their 5m unless you give them 10m of your property, plus certain dangly body parts.....

Honestly - who comes up with these sayings ?? Some feel good Yankee snake oil salesman no doubt....