Got the approval, now the choices

Hi all
I went to the CBA yesterday and gave all the doc, and informed them about my new financial circumstance (with reduce credit card limit etc.) I was given an approval of 300k loan. I also shopped around with other banks, but their rate are not much different with CBA. No discount either, except if i take their "package" program.

Now I need to decide. After reading all the post and suffering the fix-rate effect myself, this time i will go for the variable rate. My question what to choose?

-economiser base variable rate (current comparison rate is 5.86)
-3 years economiser base variable rate (current comparison rate is 5.72)
-standard variable rate with wealth package (current comparison rate is 6.37 with 0.7 discount, but $350 annual fee with some benefits)

I am reluctant to take the wealth package as i already have all the freebies (gold cc, cheap insurance elsewhere, free transaction account, etc), but if it is eventually cheaper than the others, i will go with the package.

Your comments will be highly appreciated!
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Cheaper options out there than the options mentioned. Very hard to comment (actually impossible) without knowing your full situation and objectives. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the Economiser products since they got rid of the fee waivers.