Graduation gift!

Help please :)

My daughter graduates uni in August (she has finished already but the cap and gown bit is then)

I need ideas for a grad gift. (son was easy - a nice watch and a wallet :) -- girlyy girls are harder) Not sure if I want to buy jewellrey :confused:

Any ideas??? If it helps the degree is business(tourism)/social science.

Does (or will) she need a new notebook/laptop?

Or do you want more of a keepsake momento of the which case jewellery, or a nice watch as you did with your son
I know you said you did not want to buy jewellery but I to would suggest jewellery.

Different graduation, but I bought my daughter a Pandora type bracelet last year for her year 12 graduation, bought her several charms to go on it, several with her favourite colours, a graduation hat. She will be able to add to it for years to come. She loved it, I have a girly girl to and much to my delight she frequently wears it.
Thanks everybody for the input.
The general concensus is definately jewellery.

I will start looking around.

Pandora I know is out...she is NOT a fan... she is of the opinion that "everybody" has Pandora!!

She already has pearls...It is a tradition in our family that grandma gives you pearls on your 21st. My mother actually gave her pearls that HER gramdma gave her. (She got them restrung and a new clasp put on...they are GORGEOUS!!)

Diamond earrings might be a go or a chain as suggested.
She has dropped hints about a tennis braclet in the past.
Could not disagree more with that one. Does anyone want the girl to get a good job or not.
Some sort of keepsake gold necklace? Maybe a locket? I like Nathan's idea about the diamond earings too.

Now how would three months in Europe prevent her securing employment?

First of all, she may have a job or at least contacts already. We don't know.

Second, many employers look favourably on this as it demostrates ambition, interest different cultures, ability to adapt to situations, social skills. Employers also like this as it shows they've "gotten it out of their system".

You're only young once and the time between graduation and employment may be the best time to do something like this.
Probably a hasty post considering you could have been talking about a 4 week trip on a tour bus around Europe - no harm or offense meant there.

I was thinking more along the lines of too many grads taking off for a year and coming back broker than they left with too much of a taste for booze and fun. Settling down into a nine to five in unimaginable.

As an employer, I would certainly not look at this as ambitious or culturally educational as I don't see that anyone who has travelled in a bus for 4 weeks to see "the world" and then worked in London as being anything exceptional. Fun, adventurous -yes. Tell me, you lived and worked in China for 12 months and I will ask a few questions!

I'm not into the "only young once" thing. It has given far too many young people excuses to do irresponsible things and then blame their lack of ambtion, drive, motivation on their parents for teaching it to them.
Trip to Europe!

NOT in my budget...but a trip to Europe would actually be beneficial in her line of work (double degree business with a tourism major and social science)
BUT she has done the bulk of her degrees in NZ so she is just wanting to stay put in Oz for a bit :)

She will get her trip to Europe but she will have to do one out of her own $$ (although I might join her :) )

Was discussing it with hubby earlier and we have decided on a tennis bracelet and perhaps a pen (depends on the bracelet cost)
I had thought of a pen and she does have a leather compendium (one of my old ones but really good quality)
What is a tennis bracelet?

Like a sweatband I imagined?

hahaha Simon

This is a (very very nice )diamond tennis bracelet


'NOT this