Granny flat - Separate water/elec meters

Hi all,

Required some information.

Looking @ a place for sale which has a granny flat

- Single Title
- NSW location
- Does not have separate water/electricity meters.

I contacted my PM, she said that it would be required to have a sep water/electricity meter to lease them both separately.
Is this information correct.

If so, do i just contact a plumber/sparky to install those items. Also could anyone that has an idea chip in with ball park cost.


The only way you could do it with no changes is include power and water in the rent. Not sure of the price to get a meter installed.

My granny flat has a seperate power meter but no seperate water meter. This did not worry the agent. I have just adjusted the rent slightly to include a water allowence. Interestingly in my council area, if I was to install a second meter and ask for it to be check they would charge me a second water service charge on the block. Makes it not worth it. Although there is nothing stopping you from installing one yourself, waiting for the bill and doing the maths yourself.
Seperate electricity meter: $700-900 totaly sep bill and account from house

Check meter water: $400-600 But you or the property manager have to manual inspect quaterly and discount it from the one bill.

The above two are a must if leasing to two seperate tennants.

If there out your way (penrith) feel free to pm me, i have the people for the job :)
If you end up needing to put in a second water meter, I'll talk to my boss and see what figure it would cost to get it done. Sorry I couldn't help much the other day Mark, I was busy painting and organising stuff for the house!

Let me know when your free to catch up.

Electricity Meter

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I was thinking of the same and purchasing a property with a garage out the back converted into a house/unit.... How did you go with installing seperate meters? Did you get any indication of costs and how easy it is? Out of interest, do you need Energy Australia as well or can you simply get a sparkie to do it?

Thanks in advance,