Grass is getting long

Hi all. My IP is located on the way to my work so i see it every day. I noticed that the tenant has not mowed the lawn. Now i expect renters to not be that excited about mowing but in some sections its nearly 2 feet high.He has been a good tenant so i dont really want to blast him.What do you think i should do.I dont mind mowing it myself becouse all up its only about 30 square meters and the rest is garden. I maintain the gardens every 3 months or so but would like him to keep on top of the grass.I feel if i mow it he will just sit back and expect it to happen all the time. What are your thoughts.
You must get the PM to have the tenant mow the lawn, before you get a notice from the council requiring you to do it or face a fine. :(
Is it really a big deal?

Yes, it is. I was shocked last year to get a threatening letter from the council ordering me to see that this particular property was mowed within (I think it was) seven days or face a fine of $1000 or more. I can't remember the exact amount of the fine but it was more than $1000. I faxed the letter to the PM and asked her to get on to the tenants.
She sent me a photo of the yard - it wasn't overyly long, about a foot, but apparently neighbours had complained.
So far your responses involve a PM... I'm hoping devo76 has a PM for the above-mentioned property. I wouldn't want to be the person doing the blasting either.
long grass

My council wouldn't dare send me a letter for not mowing my lawn.

They would have to be the slackest council when it comes to mowing the verges which they own.

Foot long grass and weeds is a standard sight in my area.

Anyway that doesn't answer the question.

I would get the PM to ensure it is mowed and to remind the tenant of his responsibilities to maintain the property (including the gardens) to a satisfactory standard.

Or, you could get the PM to discuss increasing the rent (with the agreement of the tenant) to cover a fortnightly visit by Jim's Mowing.

Its only about 30 square meters = 3x10, 5x6, in the long run regular cutting will give the property that cared fore look.( thats the look that can get you that little extra in rent).

Trying to bring the grassed area back after the leas has expired will not give the same look.

Considering that you drive past on a regular basis Cutting the grass wouldn't seem to be that big a deal.

It will also allow you to keep a closer look on the property in general ( it's also tax deductible )
I would call that a win win situation.

Something I've done.

When it's time to raise the rent, raise it by $20pw over the normal rent. But give the tenant the ability to reduce the rent by $20pw in return for keeping the grounds tidy and the lawns mowed.

Some people are happy to pay the extra, others to do the work.
We had a tenant move into an IP recently, just after we had spent quite a bit of effort tiding it up after the end of a long long lease , 9 years. The new tenant then failed to mow the lawns for almost 2 months, we simply mentioned it to the PM who called the tenant straight away and told them that they had been in the area and if they owned a lawn mower, if they didn't they would get a maintenance man in and then pass the bill onto the tenant. Problem solved.
Just changed PM on one of our IP's and breached the tenant over a few Issues, we provide a gardener to mow the front and rear lawns, sadly on the last drive past the gardens are looking pretty miserable (retic must be turned off as well) and the back yards just as bad, one area out back looks like its grass but there's actually pavers beneath it :(

tenant moves out soon, so a spring clean and some renovation work will see it back on the market at a higher rent

I have a PM so i might tell them to remind the tenant to mow the lawn and also let him know i can have it mowed for a increase in rent. Its only the council strip out front and a 5 by 5 section out back. I have a company work truck so its easy for me to do. I just dont want to do it for nothing.
Another development. The tenant just contacted me and has stated that he would like to move out at the end of the lease in a few weeks. he also said that his boss and wife would like to move in so there will be no empty time. So i think i will go in and mow the place for the new people and hopefully they will keep on top of the lawns.
one of our properties had a change of tennent about 4 months ago , with new tennents coming from a maintained unit.
my PM suggested charging them extra ($15 week) to look after the gardens as they would have done it where they were.
i told here to give them the option of whether they wanted to do it themselves , which they did , so it is written in their lease that the lawn and gardens are to be kept up to scratch or an extra $15 a week would be charged - its worked really well so far , the place is looking great , but i was covered if they didnt so either way its all good:)