Great Day at the Big BBQ

From: Wendy Bergsma

Who had a great day at the Big BBQ in Canberra? I thought the friendship and great conversations were so inspiring, sure beats going to functions where you know no one and just get by on inane chit-chat. Makes me really appreciate the learning and information sharing that is so easily undertaken with such a great bunch of positive people. I'll look forward to the next one.
Wendy Bergsma
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From: Geoff Whitfield


It was good to see you there, along with the others, and to find out how you all are progressing.

For those of you who went to Peter Spann's graduate weekend in Sydney, or who have the tape, Wendy stood up in front of 900 people to tell what she had done, leaving her job straight after a seminar, and going out renovating and trading. Well done Wendy. Watch for her on the tape- she's the jackhammer person.
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From: Bridie .

I met you at the Big BBQ and have already declared myself to be one of your fans.
I have been toying with the idea of chucking the job and renovating and Wendy inspired me too.
Also it was fantastic to meet GoAnna, Ruby, TW and all the other great people I feel I have come to know from being a forum addict like the rest of us.
I took my husband along and I think it also inspired him to press on with IPs, and he certainly sounds a lot more enthusiastic now that he has met some of you and heard your brilliant stories.
I will definitely join up and become a Canberra freestyler.
Thanks again TW for all of your efforts to develop the network. It is fabulous!
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From: The Wife

HI Everyone,

What a wonderful Big BBQ we had this year, all thanks goes to everyone who braved the cold, and the team of coordinators who helped organise it, so good to catch up with everyone again, by popular demand we will be holding a summer BBQ as well, we handed out some very deserving awards, I will post up on the freestyler site the people who recieved awards and why as well as pics from the day very soon.

Cheers TW
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From: DB Bear

Count me in TW. I had a great day! Weather was a bit nippy around the ankles but I was ready with all my snow gear piled on! I'd go even if it was held in Siberia - and you all know how much I hate the cold weather.

Thanks to everyone who was there - you're all such a great inspiration to me!

Melbourne Freestyler Co-ordinator

* * * Winner - Best Co-ordinator 2002! * * *
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