Great tools

I'm thinking this might help those who come across a great way to fix something faster than the conventional way (or help those like me who are just plain stupid with this stuff who find a great tool or way to do it).

We started a project which many tilers would dread - leaving the existing tiles on the floor and scraping out the grout.

After 30 minutes and 3 sets of blades, the tiling saw just couldnt hack it.

So back to tradetools and we tell the guy the dilemma and he says - mate - get the Bosch Multi Tool with the diamond cut saw blade.

New tool acquired, and it tears through the old grout like nobodys business and compared to the manual work time... way faster

Can also cut up wood, sand, lift paint, cut tiles... Almost like an angle grinder but just less terrorising.

What a great tool. If you havent got one, check them out.