Hi there,

Does anyone know this suburb well?

Are there any better areas to live in within this suburb?

Or any areas to avoid?

I might be moving here to be closer to my workplace in Feb next year, so will be looking to rent a place.

Greensborough is quite a bid suburd. The northern part ( north of the Ring Road ) usually has bigger and newer houses, but further from the Greensborough Plaza.

Personally, I find streets like Vermont Pde, Lyell Parade are within walking distance to the main shopping area, yet not too close, and Orana Drive, Medbury Avenue etc are closed to the small Diamond Village shopping centre. Some parts of Greensborogh are in fact Watsonia. May be you want to consider Watsonia as well. Hope that helps.
I too live in the area (Eltham) and happy purchased and am building in briar Hill (same postcode as Greensborough) I have the area to be great for investing in and Briar Hill is by far and large the best part of Greensborugh given all facilities are nearby. My father and various builders will agree that building in Briar Hill is proven to be a safe investment with much demand and low vacancy rates.

I would be happy to answer any questions should anyone be interested.
I live in Watsonia one street across from Orana drive and know the Greensborough area well.

There are a number of larger blocks on the side of the hill which can go cheaper because of the slope they are on so be careful of that.

There is the upgrade to the ring road (From the transport report) which is supposed to happen in the next 7 years but who knows if it will get off the road.

The Greensborough project (Starting next month) and getting a boost in march is going in which will provide a lot of jobs both in the short term for the build and in the long term with new shops, swimming pool, and heaps of other things. This is a huge boost to the area and Greensborough and surrounds should greatly benefit from this development.

If your in Watsonia the houses north of the train line sell for a bit more but the area around diamond vally shopping center are also seeing some good growth. Avoid the area near the power sub station which is south of Elder street and you should be right in this area.

In both areas try and be within walking distance (15 minutes) to the train stations and remember that a lot of trains actually stop in Greensborough and dont continue on to Montmorency and Eltham which as a renter could be a bit of a put off. Greensborough should see better returns on rentals than the Watsonia area, Watsonia is very much an owner occupier area and rentals can be harder to fill.

Any other questions just ask here
We bought our first block of land in the area in 1963 and the freeway extension was to happen within 5 years. We are still waiting!!! This is the one to link Greensborough with the Eastern.

I have an ex-housing commission house in Watsonia, not far from the army base and it is never empty. It is a lower price rental so as soon as tenant gives notice the agent has someone lined up to move in. These ex commission houses are almost all privately owned now. Mine was opposite a school but when the school was sold to developers, high priced McMansions went in, so lifted the value of the area.

Its not a bad area to buy into as the houses are gradually being renovated and the area has improved in appearance,.