Guzumping & Boom Times



From: Gee Cee Clay

Any opinions on the present state of the market.

A definite BOOM that has not been seen since 1987/88.

Guzumping and places selling above listing prices.

Where are we heading?

Gee Cee
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From: Simon St John

Where are we heading.......?

Over the top of the curve at some point - question is when.
Forumites views on this should be interesting, perhaps with some regional flavour to boot!

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From: Paul Zagoridis

Two millionaires I've chatted separately with said...

"The goal is to survive 3 boom bust cycles. The first is 'What happened?'. The second is 'Wish I'd been ready'. The third you make your fortune.

Not fast but full of hope.

Paul Zag
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From: See Change


You friends observation certainly struck a chord with me.

As I'm watching the wave break around me I can see that I caught it to late, but at least I got a bit of a ride which will put me in a good position for the Next Wave.

At least most of the people I've met recently through somersoft/ freestylers seem to be in that second wave stage ( except for a perceptive few).

The majority of people sit and wonder, saying " Did something happen ??!! "

see change

it's better to be guided by your dreams than your fears
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