gyprocker - adelaide (eastern suburbs)

Does anyone know of a decent gyprocker in Adelaide (eastern suburbs)?

I am currently getting ready to put a new kitchen in my home in Beulah Park
(between Norwood & Kensington)

I have removed the old cabinets but am having a lot of trouble getting the old tiled splashback off.

I think my best option is to cut out the old gyprock with tiles and have new gyprock put back on. I'd rather pay a professional to do it properly so that the joins don't show.

can anyone recommend someone?

I do know of one that is good but can not find the ph. no. atm. Will do so and PM you later.

CAA are fitting my kitchen on Mon 16th Nov and I will be ripping out my kitchen next week.

Crossing my fingers that my plaster doesn't fall away with the tiles :(.

Who is laying your tiles?

Anyone know of a good tiler in Adelaide? I live in the inner North.