Had dealings with NRMA insurance and Energy Australia yesterday

I was dreading it because I knew it was going to be an ordeal.

The car was damaged when parked last Friday. At least the guy left his contact details. It was a company truck. I called the company. They had already been in touch with their insurer and they gave me a claim number. Their insurer said it was going to be easier for me if I went through my insurer - NRMA.
So I called NRMA. They booked me in at the assessment place (Roseberry, Sydney) for 1pm yesterday. I showed up and a bloke told me where to park. I went into the office, gave them the keys, and 5 minutes later the assessor came in got me. He'd done his bit and told me that the job would be assigned to the repairer closest to home this morning. The assessor called at 10am to say the job had been assigned. The panel beater called 15 minutes later. I'm pretty impressed.

I had to do some complicated billing stuff with Energy Australia - I've got two seperate electricity accounts at my PPOR and they were under different names. The person on one bill went overseas in December and forgot to put the account back in my name. And Energy Australia hadn't been able to read the meters last time they came round so they did estimates blah blah blah. In a 24 minute phone call to the Newcastle call centre, Amy fixed everything up.

I even had a good experience with Telstra recently. The PPOR has 4 seperate phone lines coming into it going to three different buildings. (And we've added wirelss internet.) One of the lines went down recently and Telstra showed up when they said they would, found the poblem, and fixed it.

Every few months I get someone at the door offering me an alternative phone company or energy supplier. I would save a few dollars, but I bet when there is a problem there would be tears.


Just checking the date on the calendar, 28.1, thought it was April 1

Amazing stuff !! must be a depression coming :(

I am usually OK with insurance company as I haven't claimed anything in ages but Telstra actually giving service, the three amigos tried very hard to get rid of that nasty habit, perhaps they are improving now that an Aussie is back in charge, hope so :)
I have to say, I use NRMA for nearly all my insurance, and have had nothing but great service from them every time I've dealt with them.

And no, I don't work there!
I had good dealings with Optus today too - about time!

I moved to a new Internet plan starting Jan 1st which they state is billed as $99.99 a month with a $39.99 credit, to give $60 a month. And I switched to direct debit to avoid the $2.20 processing fee.

My first bill for January came in as $99.99 plus $2.20 - no $39.99 credit and still the processing fee. I rang them, waiting about 20 minutes on hold, and finally talked to a woman who said it would appear on the next bill, and who couldn't explain the $2.20 but wasn't interested in trying to figure it out (even tried to tell me it was GST, as the $99.99 was excluding GST - right, $2.20 is GST on $100 ... and that price is GST inclusive anyway).

Today I got the statement for February - $99.99 + $2.20 PLUS $39.99 + $4 GST on that $39.99 (which is GST inclusive already), a total of about $146. So now they're adding on the discount, charging GST on it as well, still not giving me January's $39.99 discount, and still charging the processing fee! :eek: They couldn't get it more wrong if they tried, short of just making stuff up.

Naturally I rang them, waited about 20 minutes on hold again (managed to get in a bit of time on the elliptical trainer while I was waiting), and finally talked to someone who obviously couldn't tell me I must be dreaming. Actually he was all apologetic, said it would all be fixed up in the March account, credited back the two $2.20 fees, and promised me the known Earth and all the gold I could eat.

So, problem solved...

...or is it? I now await the March statement in a month's time, and am tentatively setting aside another 30-40 minutes on that day for contacting Optus again.

Had a problem a couple of years ago with one of the banks a couple of years ago, lets call them westpac, they accidently cancelled my credit cards it took about 6 people and a couple of hours to work out how they stuffed it up. In the end I sent the same complaint letter to 3 areas in the bank. Remarkably I got 3 responses back that wern't just standard computer generated letters, they also gave me 200,000 credit card points which I got I-Pod and a few other things. Since then I have written letters to companies that let me down and even I am surprised with some of the rewards/vouchers/credits etc I recieve. Customer service is not that difficult!!!!!!!