Handyman in Parramatta area

I have a property in the Parramatta area that needs a box aircon replaced.

The PM has quotes of ~$1600 to have a new one installed into the existing hole (same dimensions), which appears to be $1000 more than the cost of the a/c unit itself.

This seems excessive. If I was local I'd fit the thing myself in 30mins.

Does anyone have a handyman they use in the area they can recommend? He doesn't need to be a refrigeration guy or electrician.

I paid a handyman $220 a couple years back to do this exact job, same dimensions. I did help him with lifting though. I agree that anything over $500 seems excessive.
You shouldn't have to pay that much.
Try Kory he's a handyman / renovator type so he could be useful with other jobs as well
his No is 0410532777
Thanks for the replies.

I explained to the agent that because its just a box/window type a/c that anyone could install it. She contacted their usual handyman and he has quoted about $140, saving me ~$750 from the quote from a refrigeration company :)
While I don't agree that "anyone" can do it I agree that it shouldn't be that difficult.

A friend had "someone" install hers./ When it wouldn't work properly the company would not honour the warranty as they said it was because it was not installed at the correct angle and did wasn't supported properly. She had to pay for a service.