Happy New Year

Hey Pedro,

My spies tell me that while you were home painting, the rest of us where actually out celebrating the new year :D

Y un feliz Ano Nuevo a ti tambien :D

For the people who don't understand Spanish
Feliz Año Nuevo a todos mis amigos en el Forum
means "Happy New Year to all my friends on the forum" (as you may expect).

But the vagaries of language, changing "Año" to "Ano" (as is common when people quote a language without knowing what they are saying) means "A happy new 'lower end outlet' "

A very very prosperous 2004 to all forumites- may we all grow and prosper together, with the support of everyone helping us to grow together.
Yes Geoff, you have to be careful with your punctuation. Lest you "punct" the wrong "ation"

QLD has the benefit of an extra hour up our sleeves.

Aaahhh yes Sunstone, But I posted. Naaah Naaah Nah Naaah Nah :p
In keeping with the multilingual New Year Messages

Glückliches neues Jahr zu allen meinen Freunden auf dem Forum

Which may be wrong slightly ....... sorry Rolf L. :)
Felicidad y prosperidad y muchas IPs para todos!
C Hobin godam u davaity akulachitsa
All the best in the New Year.