Hardiflex fibro - storing on the property?

I pulled down a fibro cubby house the other week. It was made from a material called 'Hardiflex'. I did do a bit of research to find out wether it contained asbestos and I couldn't really come to a conclusion. The house is built in 1983. The cubby quite possible was a later job.

Looking on the web, hardiflex appears to contain no asbestos after 1981. But then again some sites say that if may have had a small amount in there over the next couple of years.

I tried to dump it at a waste transfer station, but I couldn't prove that it didn't contain asbestos so they weren't interested in taking it. This waste transfer place is council owned. They gave me a number to call, but these guys didn't call back when I rang them, and later when I tried again they told me they could come in about a week to have a look at it.

So what I've done is wrap it in black plastic and put it up behind the garage. I've also put some steel between the asbestos and the garage. The acess behind the garage and the fence is very tight.

I'm looking at new tenants moving in very shortly (this week). Should I tell them in the lease agreement not to go behind the shed etc?

Legaly are there any repocushions?
I think you are placing yourself in a risky position by renting out a property knowing there may be hazardous substances there. Kids (even visiting ones) are notoriously curious and could well investigate. Even adults could well have a look-see.

The cubby could well have been built from old or recycled materials, so even knowing the date it was built would not be much help.

Can this be stored somewhere else - do you live close enough? It would be far safer under your direct supervision until you can deal with it correctly.

Is there a hazardous materials dump?

I hope you took correct precautions to protect yourself while demolishing it.
I had asbestos when I replaced the inside gas hot water service. The original flues were asbestos. I looked in Yellow pages for abestos removal and they came and picked it up.