Has anyone been using Toyo Teo plus

Has anyone been using Toyo Teo plus (size 205 60 15 tyres.)
They seem to be long wearing.

I got 12,000km out of some Michellen pilot mainly under normal driving highway conditions and very upset at the rapid wear .
I monitor tyre pressure.
Prior to that I had Bridgestone, Potenza 001 getting 25000km on one set and 30,000km on another set of 4 tyres. They were pretty good but toyo have had some good reviews as well
Just had a set of 215 55 17s put on.. will let you know when I throw on more kilometers... My last set of tyres were the stock standard yoko geolanders which lasted me 57000kms. Hoping to get more kms out of these toyos. So far a much improved tyre noise reduction and possibly grips too. :)
All of the above brands you have mentioned are yer well-known ones, and not necessarily better - and never cheaper.

We sell all types at my joint, but our biggest sellers for hardwearing, noise, price etc are the Hankooks. I have them on our SSangyong Musso. Excellent.

We also sell a cheapie call Nankang (they do racing tyres as well) and these - while still unknown - are very, very good for the price.

We notice it particularly when we do wheel balances; the "Nangers" and the "Hangers" usually require very little added weights. A good sign. Same with Maxxis tyres.

So, keep yer minds open and do some checking.
Dunno botu the toyos

Had 2 sets of Hankook RA07s on our terracan amd got near 80 k out of the second set

Still hard to beat the old Bridgestone 604Vs 90 k of gibber tracks, low pressure desert and beach sand work. Dont think u can get them anymore in anything but 10r15

The newer ATR Bridgestones on my Navara were done by 52 k. Currently trying Cooper ATRs on the ame care and look like they might get to 75 k

We also sell a cheapie call Nankang (they do racing tyres as well) and these - while still unknown - are very, very good for the price.

Had these before and would never touch them with a barge pole.. Could be the particular model I had (the model escapes me) but down right dangerous in the wet.
Still assessing the trade off between great breaking distance and tyre wear.
Adrenalin Potenza RE001 have high marks in all areas but getting a report from Toyo teo plus by motor writers has proved difficult.
I have a very positive report by normal drivers from a webs site on the Teo Plus.
‘08, Motor Magazine test had the Adrenalin Potenza ranked first but I don't have access to this or what other brands were involved and am currently in a remote location with no library to get a physical copy.

The most I have go out of any tyre is 40,000km with passive driving and normal highway speeds, so I am a bit surprised by the much longer life others are getting

I will hit Brisbane next week and would like a competitive dealer. Tyrepower was my first choice. Any help on this?

u want grip AND treadlife :)

what sort of car is it?

I know for eg some Q7s get 20 k to a set of 2000 AUD tyres : (


Car type is a 2500cc skyline GTS non turbo.
I am more concered with good braking distance but having tyres that dont go bald between 12,000km and 30,000km would be nice

LOW profile tyres are not an option I want .
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so not a "driving miss daisy 4 Cyl Camry"

cant speak for the low profile stuff.

In my pevious life, both Pirellis and Michelins served me well

I had a set of 17" Nankangs (103 load rated) on my Merc Vito. A couple of weeks ago, at 31000kms I had a flat on the rear. After changing to the spare, I noticed the cracking on the inside wall of the tyre. Also noticed cracking on the inside wall of the other rear tyre. Fronts looked OK.

Not sure how they ended up on my new Merc with 17s, they normally use Continentals. A bit of shifty business at the dealer maybe?

I contacted Nankang HQ down in Hallam and told them. They happily inspected my vehicle/tyres and promptly organized a brand new set of 4 (235/55/17) to replace them. I only paid $120 total, for fitting i think. Excellent customer service.

Possibly a faulty batch of tyres?

As far as the quality of tyre, they seem fine to me. The Vito sticks like glue to the road, but then again, these tyres are all i know on this car. Wear was about halfway, so should get about 60000Kms (if they last).
I've recently discovered Maxxis. My mechanic sells them, and put some on my Holden Astra earlier this year (195/60 15). The perform easily as well as the BFGs I had on their before, and only cost $90 each, incl fitting and balancing.

I'm planning on swapping the V8 over to Maxxis as it's current tyres wear out.
Used Teo's on my VZ Commodore, fan-bloody-tastic !!!!!!!!!
Got 75000 kms on them and have only just put a new set of Teo's on again. Would not use anything else. Highly recommend them.

Thanks for all the input.i I bought 2 front tyes for $145 each from Tyrepower

I noticed Bridgestone Potenza on a police car recently which swayed me a lot .
However I finally went with Toyo Teo plus. The road noise seems a little quieter ( very subjective of course) and they seem to hold the road firmer,
but it could just be my imagintion as I dont drive aggressively. I have only done 2500km.I will be interested to see how they wear.