Has anyone heard of Henry Kaye?

Shooting star,

Check the archives, there'sthings in there.

The courses cost a lot (from my understanding).

I've done the Peter Spann course series- at $3K- and have profited vastly more than that in the two years since i've done it.

But the HK courses, I gather, cost a lot more.

How much experience have you had in property and share investing?

If you've had alot of experience, go for it. You will be aware of risks and rewards.

But if you have not, take some time first. Learn about property and shares. Hang around this forum.Try to meet other investors (FreeStylers meetings for example). But don't try to do too much too quickly. The rewards look promising- but can carry a big risk.

Property is really a get rich slow thing. So be patient.
Henry Kaye - 'The man who can (will) not die'

I wonder if people have wised up yet and stopped paying out big bucks for the seminars.

Could it be that he is charging more to counter the drop in lambs to the slaughter or is he just getting greedy?

I had a HK disciple try and convince me to sign up as the price was increasing. When I asked why it was increasing, she said that it was too cheap. Excuse me, but how is $5k cheap?

I believe it is around $20k for that same seminar today. A $15k increase in 2 years. Who else gets this type of pay rise?

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