Has the bubble burst?

This made interesting reading - so, not everyone's a winner baby :eek:

Here's a short list of suburbs which went backwards in Melbourne over the past 12 months. Looks like it could be time to buy in Armadale ;)

NORTH MELBOURNE - 12 month growth: -2.26%

NORTH WARRANDYTE - 12 month growth: -1.70%

OFFICER - 12 month growth: -14.82%

SAFETY BEACH - 12 month growth: -2.83%

SELBY - 12 month growth: -3.44%

SOUTH MELBOURNE - 12 month growth: -6.99%

SOUTH YARRA - 12 month growth: -4.76%

ST KILDA WEST - 12 month growth: -18.20%

SUNSHINE NORTH - 12 month growth: -0.76%

SUNSHINE WEST - 12 month growth: -1.07%

TOORAK - 12 month growth: -10.87%

TULLAMARINE - 12 month growth: -1.89%

TYABB - 12 month growth: -2.14%

WARRANWOOD - 12 month growth: -1.99%

WATERWAYS - 12 month growth: -1.42%

WATTLE GLEN - 12 month growth: -4.48%

WEST MELBOURNE - 12 month growth: -10.19%

WILLIAMSTOWN - 12 month growth: -1.81%

PS: they're not my stats so I can't vouch for them.
Steve, there are plenty of A-M suburbs too but you can follow the link in the post to read the article. It starts with Armadale.

The article looks more like a shopping list for the next suburbs on the move.
The data is pretty meaningless without being on the ground, but anyway, those who rely on this kind of data will believe what they will, while people out there will be making (or losing) money.
good luck hoping.
The 'bubble' doesn't burst because of some individual suburbs showing backwards statistics. Especially when those statistics could be influenced. Apartments? even worse student based apartments?

Just look at carlton.

I am only interested in macro for these sought of topics.

Show me the movement in the medium city wide price movements.
Lots of apartments, student apartments. But I couldn't be bothered explaining. People believe what they will, while others continue to make $$