has the syddney market softened?

From: Robert Paul

Hi guys,
is it just my imagination or has the Sydney market softened dramatically over the last couple of months.Certainly in my local area sydney northern beaches,agents are reporting a drop off in ofi,s.
Is it just the cold weather or has the bubble burst and deflating slowly.

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From: See Change

While the market in the upper north shore is not as frantic as prior to sept 11, it is still moving along steadily due to a reported shortage of stock.

According to agents I talked to last weekend it has moved up 5-10 % since sept 11.

see change

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From: Tibor Bode

I am no expert on the Sydney market, but in my walking and interest area (Guildford, Merrylands, Greystone - near Parramatta)
seems to me that properties are still turning over with a reasonable speed. I am not sure about the prices achieved (as at presently I am not in buying mode), but the turnover would indicate to me that there is still some interest around.

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From: Owen .

I'm in the process of selling an apartment in Alexandria right now and there has been reasonable interest in it over the last 2 weeks. Not frantic but I've had 15 groups through and had one offer with another group returning tonight for a second look so interest is still there.

Interestingly there are agents selling a place in the same complex and they have been getting the same number of people through their property as I have through mine.

Amazing what a simple ad in the Saturday Domain can achieve and I'm saving all those fees.


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