hate this website!!!!!!!!

From: Bruce Graham

The Somer's,
What have you done?
From having the best web site going, to the worst web site you could imagine. There's
another mob on the web that copied your old
page.So they should it was the best.
This one is a near copy of the yank sites.
When you read the posts you're forever clicking as you read.The old web you read the
full post as a book page.
Please revert to the old web site. It's like
losing your best friend.
Bruce G. G. G. G. Bruce G. (N.S.W.)ruce G.(N.S.W.)ruce G.(N.S.W.)ruce G.(N.S.W.). (N.S.W..W..W.)
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From: Ross E

Hey get a mouse with a wheel no more clicking.....
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From: Donna Larcos

I love this web site. It's quick, easy and I
can scroll down all the replies to the lead
message without having to open and
close each one. Great stuff.
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From: Yuch .

Have you guys tried the chatroom yet?
It's really cool!!
After you visit the chatroom, you're gonna love this new website!!!

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From: Thorpey !

I gotta agree, vast improvement once you work it out.
Chat room excellent!

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From: Sim' Hampel

Not surprising it looks like a copy of the yank pages... the forum software is a shrink-wrapped package and is very popular... http://webboard.oreilly.com/

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From: Rasputin .

This is the best IP forum
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From: Bruce Sutherland

Well as a newcomer I've been trolling around for a while & to a degree wondering where I might start as a participant rather than just a 'voyeur'. No doubt this is the spot.

This website is a cracker, thanks in particular to the Somers and to those who give so willingly of their experience.
Similarly, I'm grateful to those who ask incisive questions. With apologies to some wonderful respondents I suspect that it is actually the targetting of the questions that brings so much depth to the site.

Finally, the two reasons I chose this thread as my first:
1....to refute the title
2....to point out that one of the best posts I've ever read (any subject) is just above in the 'teach us to fish' thread.
...to The Wife - fan-bloody-tastic, thank-you

a different Bruce
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