Have you ever paid too much for an IP



From: Tony B

The Buyer's Agent would like to conduct a survey over the next week or so.

We would like to hear from anyone who feels they may have paid too much for an IP due to being unrepresented or by not having all of the positive and negative aspects of the property presented to them.
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From: Marshall Brentnall

Hi Tony

I feel I may have paid 5-10k more than necessary to purchase my first IP, however I did not exceed my limit.

Although a BA may be of some assistance in this respect, I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and will continue....onwards and upwards!

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From: Anonymous

Oh Yea, Thanks to my own stupidity & the good ol' boys from Matt Robinsons TOWN & COUNTRY Austwide two tier marketers group.
After the "FREE" flight to Brisbane, driven around in the flash car by my brand new very best friend (we want to help you build your wealth),$103 000 later I'm the brand new owner of a brand new 2 bedroom villa in Morayfield. 1 year later,while purchasing property number 2, in comes the valuation on Morayfield,$84,000 ouch!!!, this was in 1995 guys, before I discovered this Forum, or even had contact with other investors.
Anyway, live, learn & move on. So looking for a sucker who paid too much? count me in.
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From: Owen .

What did you do about it? Keep or cut loose? Has it increased since?
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