Hawthorn Apartment VIC

Hi all,

Have been considering Hawthorn and also Hawthorn East for a 2 bedroom apartment purchase.

I would like the thoughts of those who know the suburbs well, or have previously purchased. So a couple of questions:

Which particular areas of both suburbs would you consider the 'best' and why?

Which parts would you avoid?

What type of apartment is more popular for renters?

For those who already own apartments in these suburbs, what would you consider their good features? What features would you look for if purchasing again?

Have my own thoughts but would like the opinions of others.
I own and sell apartments in Hawthorn.

In terms of location it really is up to your preference. You can be close to the junction shops, close to the yarra, close to Glenferrie rd shops, in quieter spots like Kooyongkoot and Illawara rds.

Rental demand is always good due to proximity to swinburne and transport.
Hi Rickardo,

I've worked in the area (for Council) for about 7 years.

Great area for investment, just don't buy one of the student apartments. Some of the agents a few years ago were saying they came with OSCP or could get a parking permit from the council & it was hogswash! A few owners got stuck with no parking.

Also watch out for Clearways & No Stopping areas which operate usually 7am-9am & then 4.00pm/4.30pm - 6.30pm. Makes it difficult if you have to move your car or visitors cars all the time.

There are a few issues with late night patrons around the nightclubs there, but nothing major to worry about. Wakefield st, Park st Liddiard St all get packed so not much chance of visitors parking.

The Council also assesses how many parking permits a property can get by how much street frontage the property has (for houses / villas). So if you purchase a flat, you'll get one permit but may not be entitled to any more for visitors etc. A lot of streets have Permit parking only between certain times so makes it painful if you have people visiting (they will get booked!)

Residents can be overly precious in these areas & a real pain to deal with. (Whinging about their neighbours, sort of an 'I don't have an indoor pool, so I don't want anyone else to have one'...also a mentality of 'now I've bought into the area & developed my place, I don't want anyone else to develop theirs') Apologies to any Hawthorn residents, I know there are some nice ones out there :)

There are some great streets though, anywhere near the Yarra end is nice. There was a 1BR going there a few weeks ago (not sure if still on the market) in Harrison St just off Barkers rd near the bridge...great price & nice views.

Denham st & sts around near the park are nice.

Watch out for Lots ave & sts near MLC & parking & actually getting out of your driveway are a nightmare at school times...residents have told me they're selling b/c it's so infuriating.

Having said all that, prices just keep skyrocketing so best of luck, if you grab something round here, it's sure to do well!

If you let me know the street you are looking at, I can give you some info on it.

Mary& Mat :)