HC in New Units!

That's right, there's a number of gov or gov sponsored organisations buying multiple units in new building all around Sydney to rent out to low income earners.
In other words Housing Comission is already in brand new unit blocks around Sydney, though mostly west & south west.
I'm talking 20 units out of 70 unit building. And yep they are causing problems.
this is happening everywhere as the state housing commissions realise it's easier to buy existing that to build new suburbs.

creates a lovely "demographic spread" as they succinctly put it....
:eek: Well maybe I'm the only one surprised the dept is buying large numbers in same unit blocks under different names since new units are not high on my list of potential investments.
But it did give me an "ahah!" as to why a few unit buildings recently built out SW were sold out so fast.
What I also know is some councils are trying to limit this.
I though its also part of the approval process that the developer 'agrees to'.

X number of units will be made available to low eco buyer (maybe substitute HC)

This came up in conversations about councils actively pushing residential developments in their CBDs.
From which I gathered they want preferably no "low eco", or very few per block.
Instead they are getting many and the dramas that go with it.
So the are trying to make their CBD resi "low eco" free, which would cause more problems if done overtly.