Help! How could I go thru 8gb in one day!

Yes I am. But I'm password protected, and have checked that nobody can get in. Got 2 different friends to stand outside my house to see if they could get in, and it asks for a password.

I think I might have solved the problem. I have had Vuze running in the background seeding, and didn't realise that it could be that. It was opening automatically everytime I turned the computer on, have changed it now, but will have to wait until next month to see if it was that I spose.

Feel a bit of a **** now, cos I rang Bigpond and had a major meltdown at them, basically told them they were stealing my broadband. LOL. Ooophs
It's still really easy for someone to steal your broadband. The big service providers have the administrator passwords all set to the same thing. Someone rocks up, uses the admin side and gets it that way, rather than trying to go through your log in and password.
This is where you change ISPs to one that doesn't meter uploads (7 of your 8 on the high day was uploads). But I think we already had a thread about that one when you first signed up to Bigpond :p

How long left on your contract now?
We've also had a similar problem lately, on Optus. I'll have to check whether the kids have had programs running all day. But I think this month I was the culprit with around 8 hours on Skype for work teleconferences. I used our home wireless rather than my work................ now I'm the only one who can get onto the internet, using my work wireless, until beginning of next month, when we are upgrading our plan.
Optus will be launching a 150GB plan on May 1 for $60/mth. 75GB peak, and 75GB off peak. Hopefully that should keep us happy for a while.
Geez, so I'm on a Mac, how do I stop people getting in using the Admin password?

Unless you've changed it, your wireless router will be setup with a default password - there are two passwords, one used for accessing the wireless network and encypting the transmitted data, another for being able to log into the router itself.

Since you have a wireless password setup, as fas as I know, they can't get onto the network to even have a chance to use the default password, unless they got into your house and physically plugged in, or went through the big job of trying to hack the password! It's no biggie to change this default password, search the manual or the menus in the router and you'll find it.

I also like to enable hiding the SSID broadcast, so to someone standing outside or even in your home, they can't even see any network available, without you telling them what your SSID and password is.

Another security measure is to enable mac address filtering, which is basically the unique id of every networkable device, such as phones, pc's, game consoles, etc. Setting these up is a little more fiddly, but it's all explained in the router manual. Even if someone knows your SSID and password, they still can't get on if you haven't put thier mac addess on the list in the router.

As you've said, I too think that it was all vuze's fault, but just think of the pirates that are happy all because of you :D < look at that smile, take a photo!
Yippee roll on 6th June, that when I'm done with Bigpond. Zilch, no more, zero, gone forever!!!

Been looking at TPG they have 150gb for about $50 some peak some off peak, will have to check it out. Alot of them want you to bundle with a home phone, and alot of them want to lock you in for 2 years, which I don't like.

I'll have to read the router manual about those passwords. Thanks, I didn't realise I still had Vuze seeding, and will make sure computer is locked up tight with passwords.
I use Utorrent for downloading and have the same issues with the seeding/uploads using up my downloads... If you go into your download settings, you can usually cap the upload rate lower so that you don't waste it all on seeding
Bittorrent can be quite a lossy protocol. It's not unusual for every 1GB of files to end up being a download of 1.5-2.5GB of data.

On top of that if you are with an ISP that counts uploads towards your quota you can easily blow this figure out far more. As others have said you can avoid this by configuring your client to minimise re-seeding.

Telstra is really not a good ISP to torrent with.

The other possibility which I assume you've already ruled out is that your machine has a trojan and has been added to a botnet, this would also cause large, unexplained data spikes.
I have stopped the seeding on all the files, and actually took them out of my Vuze library, so hopefully that would stop it.

dcarr, what would be a good ISP to torrent with?

Re: trojans, don't think I have, aren't Mac's pretty safe?
I have stopped the seeding on all the files, and actually took them out of my Vuze library, so hopefully that would stop it.

dcarr, what would be a good ISP to torrent with?

Re: trojans, don't think I have, aren't Mac's pretty safe?

Yeah, Mac's are safer, but it's still a good idea to do a virus & spyware scan every now and then - good freeware tools are out there.

That tpg plan sounds good.

But I see a problem... you have stopped seeding :confused:
Do you have any idea how many little pirates are upset right now? :mad:
Im pretty certain that the amount you upload counts towards your download limit. If you look at your graph and add up your uploads collumn and your download column, then its equates to 25Gb.
The same things happens with me when I download a torrent. I might download something and leave the bit torrent program (VUZE) going for days and if I have uploaded 2GB for that file, then it eats into my download limit. So dont upload so much stuff or find other websites where you can get the same file without it being a torrent.
Gee guys, I feel really old here. What is seeding? What is Vuze? And what the heck are Torrents?

We had a neighbour that was logging onto our wireless. Had no idea until we got a lovely email from Optus saying that we had neared the end of the amount of data we could access in a month. Fixed that up quick smart.
Torrenting is very similar to using stuff like limewire, expect that instead of searching for something that someone else is sharing, in real time, you can search for the torrent on a torrent website, so through the power of advertising on the net, more people can connect to each other. Some good ones are demonoid, isohunt, torrentz and the

The torrent is basically just a small information file.

You then use one of the many torrenting programs available to run the torrent, Vuze is one, I use utorrent. The torrent is then used by the torrent program, to download the files described within the torrent, from host websites and/or other computers.

Seeding is sharing/uploading, leeching is downloading.

It is illegal to download copyrighted material, which i've heard do exist out there, but there are many legal torrents available for download.
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I know you were trying to help, Vincenzo, but I am still confused. :confused: I have heard of limewire, but although I have looked it up, still don't know how to use it.