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From: Lan Diep

Could any one suggest great Accountants in Melbourne that are experienced with IP Accounting??

One name has come up in another posting:

Chris Edwards a call 02 45886273. Park Mall, Richmond. Solicitor & Accountant.

Thanks in advance
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Thank you, Ruby, I am indeed honored and flattered by your kind words.

Damn, now I'll have to behave!!!

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From: Kevin Forster


Just a quick question - is it better to go find the information yourself then check it with an accountant or to ask the accountant what to do?

I'm asking this because with my accountant often I'll be reading various tax news or checking the legislation and come up with an idea. Then I run the idea past my accountant and she says yes it's OK or no because of this ruling. Sometimes to a no she'll see what I'm getting at and propose a solution that I can then implement.

Which do you find is better in relation to your clients?

I'm just asking as everyone seems to want the best IP accountant around to give them all the answers rather than do the research themselves and then check with an accountant.

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From: Paul Zagoridis

On 7/18/01 5:27:00 PM, Kevin Forster wrote:
>I'm just asking as everyone
>seems to want the best IP
>accountant around to give them
>all the answers rather than do
>the research themselves and
>then check with an accountant.

Actually Kevin that is exactly what I want! I am sick and tired of being the expert in the relationship. I want my advisors to be more knowledgeable in an area than me. I want them to say "We could try this, but there are these risks..."

I don't want to read the latest tax rulings all the time. I'd rather find good deals. That is where I make money. Eventually I'll find a good accountant in sydney who can do all that for me, understands my risk profile and lets me focus on my business.

Paul Zag
Oz Film Biz is at
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Kevin!

Both work for me. As I'm the one reading the law and applying it, it is really my job to make clients aware of loopholes and possible avenues to explore. As Paul suggests as well, the risks are worth knowing so that you can make informed decisions.

Having said that, I enjoy the challenge when clients come to me with ideas, too.

And you should hear some of them!!!

My advice is to tell your accountant that you would like as much proactive advice as possible so that she knows that you're open to suggestions. Then, make a habit of throwing ideas into the ring as well.

Bye the way, it's a two way street. Give her knowledge that she can use with her own situation and clients as well. I expect that it will be appreciated!


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